Sunday, July 10, 2011

the lova lovaa

Dear bambamm (:

You know that I love you right? and always will. You mean every little thing to me. I want to say sorry even  I know i do make a lot of mistake in our relationship. I aint perfect but I did try my best to please you. I hope it's good enuff for you. I know our relationship isn't roses at all but I can tell you that its like a rollercoaster. There's up & down, sometimes it's scary, sometimes it can WOW but in the end, we're gonna be amaze about that unpredictable ride cause its a life long experience. I love being with you cause you make me such a better person since I knew you. & I love the feeling of growing up with you.  I srsly appreciate everything that you have done for me. Keep me close to your heart tau? (:

Load of love


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